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Become a Pleasure Me Secrets Recruiter

What do P.M.S. Recruiters do?
A P.M.S. Recruiter finds potential recruits for the position of Pleasure Me Secrets Consultants. A recruiter's job would include providing the potential consultants with information regarding the business and acquiring their initial payment into the company of $107.95 ($99.95 plus 8% Georgia state tax) via CashApp to $PleasureMeSecrets. The Consultant would then be in contact with P.M.S. Owner, Tawney Bloodsaw or P.M.S. Assistant, Kiara Smith to acquire his/her startup kit.
How does a P.M.S. Recruiter get paid?
At the end of each day,  the P.M.S. Recruiter will be compensated fifty dollars ($50), via CashApp, for each recruit successfully signed up to become a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant.

What materials are provided to become a P.M.S. Recruiter?
P.M.S. Recruiters will be provided with business cards within two (2) weeks from the date of signing the P.M.S. Recruiter agreement, via U.S. Postal mail, to hand out as he/she fulfills his/her duty as a recruiter for P.M.S. Recruiters will also be provided, via U.S. Postal mail, with the necessary documents for potential recruits to review and sign upon successful payment of becoming a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant. P.M.S. Recruiters should understand that he/she must obtain and submit to P.M.S. the Consultant’s full name and email address for him/her to sign electronically, which will immediately be returned back to P.M.S. for record keeping purposes. P.M.S. Recruiters will then ensure the new Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant understands his/her startup kit and welcome packet will be provided within two (2) weeks from the date of his/her signing of the Pleasure Me Secrets Agreement.
How do I get started?
Email us at  pleasuremesecrets@gmail with the subject as: RECRUITER. P.M.S. Owner, Tawney Bloodsaw or P.M.S. Assistant, Kiara Smith will be in contact with you within (1) business day. Or, click the "Join the team today" link below, fill out the P.M.S. Recruiter Agreement and forward it via email: pleasuremesecrets@gmail.com