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Become A Pleasure Me Secrets Independent Consultant


What do P.M.S. Independent Consultants do?

Pleasure Me Secrets Independent Consultants provide the entertainment aspect of all Pleasure Parties, through educational games and sampling of products.  As a Pleasure Me Secrets Independent Consultant, you are your own boss.  You create your own schedule and decide how much money you make.  The best part of being a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant is… you have fun while educating women and men about their sexual health! So, what is not to love?

How much does it cost to get started as a P.M.S. Independent Consultant?

An Independent Consultant must pay the initial startup cost $149.99 ($163.03 plus 8% Georgia state tax) due at signup via CashApp $PleasureMeSecrets.  This cost includes a startup kit retailed at $199.99, of which may be sold or kept (the choice is yours!)  See below the items included in the startup kit:

How do P.M.S. Independent Consultants earn money?

As an Independent Consultant of Pleasure Me Secrets, he/she must understand that Pleasure Me Secrets will receive sixty percent (60%) of all earnings from all orders plus shipping costs to purchase items ordered; the remaining forty percent (40%) will paid to the Independent Consultant as profit (FYI: this earning percentage is way more than any of our "passion party" competitors). All Independent Consultants are REQUIRED to open a PayPal account and a P.M.S. PayPal business account will be provided. Your PayPal account will be used as payment exchange between Pleasure Me Secrets and Independent Consultants and the provided P.M.S. PayPal business account will be used to take orders. I further understand that I must purchase a PayPal card reader should I decide to accept debit/credit card payments, otherwise, I am required to accept payments via the PayPal business account QR code.

How do P.M.S. Independent Consultants order items?
As an Independent Consultant of Pleasure Me Secrets, he/she must understand that he/she is responsible for all order(s) placed. He/she further understands no order(s) will be fulfilled by Pleasure Me Secrets without FULL payment. Pleasure Me Secrets does not accept check payments from Independent Consultants, nor should Independent Consultants accept check payments from their clients. All payments should be made with cash and/or card by using your provided PayPal business account QR code.
What materials will be provided?

Independent Consultants may create their own marketing materials and must always use the term “Independent Consultant” when promoting, marketing, or advertising the business. This should be reasonably visible in the marketing material, as they should not be misrepresented as being created by Pleasure Me Secrets. Business cards will be provided, free of charge for the first 100, then the Independent Consultant must purchase any additional business cards from Pleasure Me Secrets at the cost of $25 per 100 cards. Independent Consultants will also be provided with a variety of forms and gaming material to help assist with his/her position as a consultant.
How is a P.M.S. Consultant trained?

Pleasure Me Secrets will provide training on how to effectively prepare for, perform, and follow up on Pleasure Parties, by assisting the new Independent Consultant at his/her 1st Pleasure Party. Don't worry, it's so simple and fun, you'll think you are a guest of the party =)
How to become an Independent Consultant?

Email us at pleasuremesecrets@gmail.com with the subject: CONSULTANT. Or, click the "Join the Fun" link below, fill out the Consultant Agreement, and forward via email: pleasuremesecrets@gmail.com.  Become an Independent Consultant today and enjoy the endless earning possibilities and be a part of the excitement!