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About Us


Pleasure Me Secrets (P.M.S.) is a newly founded business in the adult novelty and entertainment industry. Pleasure Me Secrets strives to provide every man and woman with a variety of ways of pleasure, fun, and education while being confident and secure in themselves.

Pleasure Me Secrets’ mission is to capture all mature audiences and teach them ways to educate, stimulate, and enhance their time in the bedroom; whether alone or with a significant other.

Providing currently over 15,000 items, Pleasure Me Secrets offers online shopping as well as face-to-face consultation with a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant.  Although shopping online is convenient and discreet, shopping with a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant will allow potential clients to learn exactly how each product works and how it can enhance his/her most intimate moments.  With a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant, potential clients can ask questions and also shop discreetly.

Pleasure Me Secrets Consultants provide the entertainment aspect of all Pleasure Parties, through educational games and sampling of products.  As a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant, you are your own boss.  You create your own schedule and decide how much money you make.  The best part of being a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant is… you have fun while educating women and men about their sexual health! So, what is not to love?

Become a Pleasure Me Secrets Consultant or Recruiter TODAY and enjoy the endless earning possibilities and be a part of the excitement!